Saturday, December 8, 2012

50 Shades of Grey (‘s Anatomy)

In the very first line I wish to clarify that I am so not going to pen down 50 reasons why Grey’s Anatomy sucks because seriously who would have the patience to read through a 50 bullet point list? Plus I’d run out of reasons and the bullets would peter down to ‘just because.’ So for the sake of avoiding redundancy and lame ‘Ten Reasons Why I’ (yes Express Tribune I’m talking about your blogs), I present the reasons I do have.                                                                                                                                                                                
On the outset, Grey’s Anatomy is intriguing to say the least. A story about a couple of doctors working their way up at Seattle Grace Hospital. Each episode is loosely structured on a theme and how that is subtly reflected in the actions and dialogues of the characters. But seriously, why is Meredith the protagonist? For starters, she isn’t even that hot compared to the other girls. At least one season goes by and Meredith is only whining about her at the beginning and end of each episode and has her lips pursed up like a prune’s.

The most astonishing part about Grey’s however is the uncanny resemblance to an IBA environment, especially during the good old days when 300 people were admitted each year and everyone knew everything about everybody. The entire hospital knows that the Chief of Surgery is splitting up with his wife and he goes around whining to his subordinates about how lonely he is? How lame is that. Plus how does Bailey manage to boss him around all the time when clearly he is the boss? In an alternate universe called reality or even Wonderland he would’ve asked for her head to be chopped off. And really, isn’t it unprofessional to go around spouting secrets about each other in the OR in front of nurses and other doctors, and creating scenes in the hospital waiting rooms? Aren’t hospitals supposed to be quiet? Why does everyone have personal issues cropping up at work? Not like relatives and exes storm into waiting areas in corporations. So totally unbelievable.

If that doesn’t top the list of the lameness, then this definitely does. Shepherd, Addison and Sloan ALL want a break and move to Seattle although I always feel that Shepherd took the initiative and the other two followed suit. Addison doesn’t even seem to grieve much over her divorce and wants to be with Sloan soon. I mean hello, didn’t that ruin her marriage and who would want to be reminded of that by dating him? Plus Shepherd and Sloam both need brain surgery since as soon as Addison conveniently leaves the hospital, they go back to being best buddies like none of it ever happened. That’s not even lame. That’s like….memory loss.

Burke and Christina are hands down the oddest couple in the show. Firstly, they have ZERO chemistry. Plus why the hell did Burke tolerate a woman who’s only obsessed with scrubbing in on cardio surgeries and has the least interest in her own shadi? If I were him I would’ve thrown a cake at her face instead of asking her to taste a variety for the wedding. And really, how robotic of her to be okay after Burke ditched her at the altar. SO ABNORMAL.

Personally, the biggest downer for me was the way they ruined the sanctity of Izzie and George’s friendship. BLEGH. Clearly, George had been friend zoned since episode one of the show. But just when they couldn’t think of any more plausible (not) storylines, the writers amped it up. Izzie magically gets over a dead patient she almost married and falls in love with George on the rebound. They’ve practically been like brother and sister, so ew. Also, Izzieis so perfect. Tall, blonde, beautiful AND she gets to eat as much as she wants without putting on any weight. How galling is that?

The astounding part in this all is that In spite of the abovementioned, I still enjoy the show. And will probably continue to do so until I keep on finding more lame things to say about it.