Monday, August 9, 2010

The Baby Boom

For all those who are interested (and even those who aren't), my internship is Mashallah sae going great. Not only do I have a very chill boss, but the only hot guy in the entire place is on my floor - EEEEE! :D

There is this one particular department on my floor where the employees are always having babies. No, I don't mean to say that the employees are giving birth in the department, during office hours. But seriously. So far, during the three weeks that I've been here, there have already been at least three babies whose births have brought glad tidings into this world and sentenced their parents to years of Pamper-ing (the brand, not the verb) and putting wailing tomato-faced cherubs to sleep. To celebrate the occasion, boxes of greasy mithai (sweetmeats) promptly arrived, carried in by peons who were by then tired of distributing them to everyone in the entire office.

I don't really like mithai. Gulab jamuns maybe, but nothing else. So every time a wimped out peon would offer me some from a box, I'd disdainfully survey the globs of mithai swimming in sheer (syrup) and politely decline. My friend Emma interns in another department, and time and again she's been boasting about boxes of Lindt and other chocolates that have been coming to her office and how successfully she's managed to swipe a number of them. So my interest in these babies eventually declined.

But today, an employee in Emma's (fellow intern) department has had a son. And Emma has promised to pester him until he gets chocolates to distribute in the office. Let's call this employee Daddy. Apparently, Daddy had told everyone that his wife was expecting, and since he's new, this kind of stayed in everyone's minds. It's hardly been two weeks since Daddy has joined, but he's been trying to be popular. While this is an insanely joyous occasion for him, it does have a downside. He now has a new nickname - Daddy- and whenever anyone calls him that, he pouts like a petulant five year old and childishly admonishes 'I'm not a daddy. No, I'm not.'

My friends and I have immediately labelled Daddy as a wannabe. I also feel sorry for the day old baby whose dad is denying his very existence in an attempt to be cool and sustain the non-existent interest that females here have in him. Tch tch. But our interest in getting our hands on those chocolates has still not subsided.


SaJ said...

lol. There's a study I think, showing that most babies are born in august. :)

ps. try Pateesa's next time. They're good too.

Kanwalful said...

The word "Non-existent" is a copyright of Kanwalful co. I will sue you, evil teacher of Anees Hussain. ;)

The One and Only Roxie said...

You're surrounded by new parents and I'm surrounded by brides...I don't know which is worse. You have to listen to all this babbling about the baby or wedding and it always sounds mindless to me. :P

emma kaiser said...

aahahahah!!! oh yes n il keep bugging daddy until i dnt get my chocolates ..but oh just on my farmaish he ordered black gulabs instead of brown ones bcus the whole department was like emma wnt b able to breath if she dsnt get her black mithai :p.. n 1 guy was like ,kyun kya hua
dady himself told me this :p

emma kaiser said...

1 more thing all hot boys work in my department ,so bOOOOOO!!!!! :p

saira said...

seriously both of you, what hot guys? m i blind coz i dunt see any!

MK said...

Kanwalful: Haha, I've been using it since forever :)

Roxie: Haha, new brides must be quite bad too. Although here brides get very busy with their new family, so we don't get to hear that much from their side.

Emma: Haha, OMG I can't believe that someone actually said that to Daddy! :O And jee nahin, technically the hot guys sit in departments next to your's, so boo back :P

Saira: There's acually only one hot guy, but you're at the end of the floor like me, so we don't get to see the sights that often :P