Saturday, May 29, 2010

Antarctica Ocean

These days are really tiring. If not busy working on the MBR report (Argh!), I'm busy procrastinating over the never ending exam course. And yes, procrastination is a time-consuming activity. Anyway, it is times like these when I think even Anees Hussain-ing is a waste of time. I teach English for SAT/GRE/GMAT prep at Anees Hussain, and while it is the love of my life, I dread certain days, like yesterday.

I was teaching Sentence Correction to this kid, who asked me who Buddhists were. 'Aren't they a caste of Hindus?'

'Um...have you seen that Emran Hashmi movie where he gets taken in by a bunch of Budhists when he gets shot? There was also a really famous song...' I volunteered, wondering how to explain to a kid who thinks fossils are bones. Thankfully, another kid on my right remembered the name of the movie, and I was able to explain that yes, MONKS shave their heads and wear sarongs, not random people.

Yet again, a couple of minutes later 'Miss, I don't understand this sentence. Isn't Antarctica an ocean?'

I could've killed him then. 'Can you list the five oceans and seven continents for me? I asked through gritted teeth.

'I don't remember them ma'am, I rattofied them years ago,' he admitted cheerfully.

After 15 minutes of me reciting the names of the oceans, missing out the Atlantic Ocean, and having Bilal Saeed remind me, I turned to him and said 'NOW tell me what Antarctica is.'

Blank face.

'Did I mention it in the list of oceans right now?! NO! Antarctica is a continent!'

That was probably the most time I've wasted on a single question. Phew.


mehtaz said...

haha, emran hashmi kid :D

Faizan Yousuf said...

Hahahahaa Antarctica an ocean :P Nice one =p
btw nice name for a blog =)

MK said...

haha, thanks! french fries freak would've been more apt, but the alliteration sounded corny :S

bilal said...

hahah this is cool :P
my blogs abt anees hussain would be never ending :P

MK said...

im sure, bilal :) Faisal told me that I'd have to see and hear weird people every day, and I should be prepared for that, haha.