Wednesday, May 26, 2010


*Warning! May contain spoilers*

I just got off the phone with my best friend who was totally oblivious to me droning on and on about the last Gossip Girl episode. Hmph. Remind me to befriend more girls. While I may not be that girly otherwise, I absolutely LOVE Gossip Girl. I too am mesmerized by all the hot clothes these people wear, and generally by 'life on the upper East side'. And everyone on this show is so hot! EEEEEEE!

I used to hate Chuck Bass in the first season. I used to think that he was terribly ugly, and such a casanova to top it all. So totally ew. But then by the second season, he got serious about Blair. And season 3 has really highlighted poignant moments in his life - how he felt about his dad's death and trying to disprove his dad's opinion of him- which is something I can kind of relate to- how Blair points out that 'he was never really the man his father was', and the ugly female who masqueraded as his mom. And I even started to think that he was hot.

Chuck asks Blair to meet him at the top of the Empire State Building if she truly loves him. Now this is so blah and Indian movie-ish, but it was still so cute! I guess simply because it was mysterious Chuck Bass and not some lovelorn Asian fellow. And then later, when Chuck and Blair reunite, I so totally noticed the engagement ring box (was it that obvious to everyone?) and I thought aw! how cute!

But then they had to make Chuck enter some dark alley, get mugged, refuse to give up the ring, and get shot.

WHY?!?! ARGH! It's torture waiting for an entire summer to know what happens to him. Does he really die? I hope not. I don't want him to die. And that should be enough reason for him to live. Haha. I just hope they don't go all Indian drama again, because that would be lame. Ok maybe not that much, since it'd be Chuck Bass, but that would make it totally predictable.


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