Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blog Update

I haven't been very excited about updating this blog for a very long time. But then yesterday my sister started talking about how I, of all people, should be more active about blogging. That reminded me of some stuff. I used to be a write-a-holic - I have excercise books and school journals brimming with stories I used to write during Islamiat classes (the teacher used to think I was taking down notes) and when I used to bunk classes. I preferred writing over talking to people (yes I was weird). And the terrible part was when my sister used to discover journals I'd secretly stashed away, containing stories about people I met everyday and guys I had crushes on *major embarassment*.

I think the only reason she said I should start writing again was so that she could read everything I'd upload and draw inferences about what was going on in my life. Although that's not what I intend to let her do, I have decided to start writing again. And too bad for you Sarah, I'll be so subtle that you'll never be able to figure things out. Muhahaha!

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