Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Headband Part II

I have to admit something- I hate holidays. Yes, I know, I'm very weird. It's hardly been a week into vacations, and I'm already bored out of my mind. I absolutely abhor the idea of sleeping late, waking up late, watching movies endlessly- that numbs my brain- and staying at home. I can't watch TV for hours at a stretch. It irritates me. I like going out and hanging out with my friends, but I can't do it everyday and all the time. It is especially at times like these that Anees Hussain provides a welcome respite from the day to day monotony.

Bilal and I are now sure that Headband is absolutely scared of me. When he finally decided to show up for the last class, he cautiously took Bilal aside and started whispering into his ear. In the spirit of the Bitchy Teacher that I am now, I cocked my ears and desperately tried to eavesdrop while pretending to go over Sentence Correction with one of the students. But much to my dismay, my ears don't work like Extendable Ears. Remember Harry Potter? Even ears like Mr. Potato's from Toy Story would have done.

Detachable eyes would've been useful too.

Anyway, I was going back into the class from the reception area when I bumped into Headband, just as he was leaving. Thankfully, the wretched headband had been left at home that day. Instead, an inverted cap adorned his grizzly head. I mentally rolled my eyes at the grey dome surrounded by the mass of bramble-like curls. Fashion disaster much? So wannabe rap singer.

 'You're leaving already?' I snarled, also trying to insinuate that I knew what he had been talking to Bilal about.

He shifted about uneasily. 'Erm, yes. I just wanted to say that I've just had a talk with Bilal, and I've told him that I don't want to spend too much time studying English.' Then he looked up and probably envisioned me as a riled up dragon, with steam wafting out of my nostrils. So he added hurriedly 'Actually I'm applying to an Engineering college, and they want a high score in Math.'

All you morons who will probably join my class one day- let me tell you that all standardized aptitude tests- including the SAT, GRE and GMAT- have a cumulative score incorporating both verbal and math. CUE-MEW-LAY-TIVE. Do you hear me? So if you join Anees Hussain in future and say something so ridiculous to my face, I will throw you out of the window. And I am a very strong girl, so take me seriously.

Fortunately for Headband, there were no windows around. 'I believe they want a high overall score as well,' I rejoined smoothly. 'Do you think you don't need to do ANY English? Your vocabulary is awful, to say the least. And you hardly remember the words you study anyway.' I secretly rejoice in telling Headband this every time, so I enunciated it as well as I could.

He blushed furiously and looked more uncomfortable, probably wishing Bilal could've been there to save him from my wrath. Little did he know that Bilal would have looked on and secretly regaled in whatever I would have to say to him. Anyway, before I could go all ninja on him, he proposed that we do English on Saturdays only so that he could do Math on the other two days.

I shrugged. 'Fine with me, but this class is for Math AND English. So you will have to complete the English course, and I'll make sure that you do.' I bit back a 'muhahaha' which would have been dramatically lame, but Headband cringed as if I'd actually said it and scurried away like a terrified rat.

Bilal thinks Headband might have read my blog. Haha. Even if he has, he has no idea what's in store for him. Muhahaha *Mojo Jojo style*


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Saira Hassan said...

i really hope i never have u as my teacher :D
btw i kinda wish u had done the 'muhahahaha' :D

MK said...

Lol, Saira, I wish I could have done it too! It always sounds great when I picture it, but I don't think my boss would've been too happy if the guy left :)