Monday, June 28, 2010

The AH Chronicles continued

There is never an uneventful day at work. May and June are one of the busiest months of the year. Hundreds of wannabe IBA'ns throng the corridor and mill about the reception area before and after classes. Normally, SAT/GRE/GMAT classes are a respite from the cacophony outside. But this is also the time of the year when the rush increases for my classes too.

For some time, I had been noticing this girl who would quietly skulk into class and chat with one of the students. Let's just call her Flirty Woman. Class officially starts at 6, but if I happened to come in early I would see her talking to Boyfriend.

I thought she was just a friend of BF's, and was probably taking some other course at Anees Hussain. It wasn't as if she came in everyday, so I forgot about her for a while. Then a couple of days ago I saw her in class again. She looked demure enough, but her eyes darted about mischieviously- towards a certain individual in class, who happened to BF. She began started explaining stuff from the GRE book to BF, pointing at phrases and giggling. I scowled at her inwardly because I knew for a fact that BF was done with the entire GRE course, and needed no additional help.

That day, she seemed to be unusually high-spirited and kept on giggling and squealing in response to whatever BF was saying. After some time, all I could hear was *giggle* *giggle* silence *whisper* *giggle* *whispher*. Even if I had openly showed my displeasure, I bet she wouldn't have noticed. She was staring into BF's eyes with the grossest expression ever. With a big sappy smile. EW!

When I couldn't stand it anymore, I called Bilal over and asked him about her.

Bilal smirked. 'Oh, she used to be one of our students last year.'

I raised an eyebrow. 'So? What is she doing here now?'

Bilal shrugged. 'I don't know. She just asked our boss if she could sit and observe the class, and teach a student or two.'

I felt apalled. SAT/GRE/GMAT students are NOT people meant to be observed. Most of them are conscientious, ambitious, office going people or students who are here to study. I doubted that they would want to be guinea pigs for behavioural studies, conducted by the likes of FW.

I snorted. 'Hmph. Well, she is doing anything but that. This is not a flirt fest, you know.' And I proceeded to regale him with stories of FW's antics. 

For what insane reason had Sir allowed FW to come to class? I had no idea. But the dutiful teacher that I am, I spoke to him about it. It was decided that the next time she would come, someone at the reception would tell her that she wasn't allowed to sit in class since it was already so crowded.

I was early for the next class as well. Apart from one other kid, FW and BF were the only ones in class. I promptly informed the people at the reception, and one of them went up to her and conveyed the bad news. I watched her distraught expression and her mouth  form an O of horror and disappointment. She and BF spent an hour outside the class talking seriously, and BF didn't even attend class that day. Later, I heard that she had told the reception walay that she would pay the fee for coming to class. And apparently doing nothing. How khwaar could she be?

FW hasn't set foot into the class since then. We also got to know that she has had a crush on Bilal, since she insisted that he teach her individually. In all, I was solely responsible for ruining FW's dating routine and saving my friend from the clutches of the ultimate freakazoid. So not only am I a Bitchy Teacher, but I am an anti-Cupid.


peeno said... girl is totally weird and khwaar. Her crushes seem to be too many. What a distraction for tuition students.

bijar said...

HAHAHAHAHAH..........awww...u should have had more fun with them and then complained only :p

MK said...

Lol, what kind of fun? They were freaking me out!

Palwasha N. Minhas said...


And lady, you should write more often !! I've been reading your blogs from quite sometime. Love the way you write. :) Totally can picture the entire scene.

Maryam Anis said...

lol i happen to know the person you're talking about. I suffered some agony last year when i had to teach her. shes like a permanent resident lol. and i did not know she liked bilal...hmmmm bilal is in for some fun now!!!