Thursday, July 1, 2010

IBA Farewell 2010

I was filled with a sense of trepidation. Students for SAT/GRE/GMAT can't afford to have days off because some of them join us for a couple of weeks only. So when I called Sir Irfan, totally having rehearsed a bad toothache and a desperation to go to the dentist, I got to know that class had been cancelled yesterday. Apparently some hungamay had taken place at NIPA. Story of our lives, by now.

IBA farewells have been much anticipated events ever since I joined this esteemed instituition 3 years ago. However, over the years, the recession, level of inflation, on-going construction, and the number of cars our VPs have stolen out of the ISC (formerly BASC's) budget have led to grim consequences - a farewell in a shadi ka lawn next to Marriott last year, to the one held at Jade Hall, Arena with only the graduating batch as attendees.

My sister and I promptly decided to become party crashers (not really, Shahzer Baig invited us, as my sis keeps on reminding me) and arrived at the venue. Ramish tried to pass us off as volunteers, but in true spirit of being a freshie, my sister piped up 'No we're not volunteers, Shehzar invited us!' And true to our position as seniors, we ignored her.

As Hasan Bilal put it aptly, it looked like a shadi. Anyway, I worked my way down the hall, talking to people and essentially keeping my ears open for gossip. The only thing that I discovered was that our VP has not utilized the ISC fund to get Yokoheight. Nevertheless, he has still managed to charm an unsuspecting, gullible freshie and was at the farewell with her. Mr. I-Want-To-Be-Different was in his element, dying to stand out at his own farewell. And no, I'm not talking about Saad Hashmi who came in jeans, just to rub in that he's interning at Engro. I personally thought that the bottles with the titles were cute. Sadly, some loser just had to bump into the table and break a number of them.

I was feeling extra cranky without my usual dose of AH-ing. So when some guys from the admin handed Faisal Danish and me a form for evaluating the IBA events conducted in the past year, I vehemently penned down a paragraph of how abominably horrible all of them have been. Too bad for the admin guy in-charge- he asked for it. I felt like saying- Why do you think we're at a farewell, you retard? Just because two people are standing by the titles- wali table doesn't mean that they are eager to fill out dumb forms.

I hope they actually bother to read the part where I wrote 'Should stop hogging all our money and use it to actually fund IBA events.'
I spent some talking to Osama Naseem and complaining about the lack of eye-candy at IBA. When he pointed to Rabeet Ahsan and Munib Agha, all I had to say was 'EW.'

The rest was a blur of multi-hued saris and tear-jerking (NOT!) videos I was hardly interested in. I wanted to attend the farewell because I have a number of friends in the graduating batch, and I couldn't bear the idea of not getting to see them one last time. I won't bother to wax poetic about how much I'll miss them....because that I won't. As I have repeatedly told many of them, I feel insanely jealous that I have to spend one more agonizing year of forced attendance, maneuvering my way through a maze of partly-constructed buildings, and much dreaded job hunts.

I would've put up pictures of the hall, but my camera is filled with pictures of my sister posing with her friends. Freshies. Blegh.


Nabeel said...

Yokoheight.. lol... n your sis is xactly what you are not.. does what ever you dont.. :) this one is your best peice... and u know what IBA grads i meet, all want to get back to IBA.. :) so not like us..

MK said...

You finally learnt how to comment/ made a google id!YAY! Haha! Yaar pata nahin, I guess we'll be thinking along the same lines when we graduate.