Sunday, July 4, 2010

Instant Celebrity-Ness

I never even knew that my humble little blog had become world famous. Ok, IBA-famous. But yesterday, Nadir Hashmi from uni contacted me and asked if I could come to attend the last day of Invent. I racked my brain for ages and then finally asked him 'What's that?'

Well, it turned out that Invent is some event that has been going on for the past 3 months and is a business plan competition with a spin- people from various universities like IBA and NED etc have to form groups and participate so that they can benefit from each individual's expertise. And yours truly has been invited to come and blog about it.

So not only do I know that Nadir Hashmi, who's writing I admire immensely, likes my blog, but that I have been given free reign when it comes to criticizing the event on the 18th. As of now, I have picked out a so-not-undercover outfit and have chalked out plans to critique the event. So blog followers, keep watching this space :)

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MK said...

Someone please teach me how to crop out white areas in pics :S