Friday, September 24, 2010

Nosy Spy

The following is a conversation that I just had with a Nosy Spy:

NS: Hey there Maryam

Maryam Khan: Hey

NS: I just read your blog post, and I can kinda guess who PN is. And it's not that unobvious.

MK: Lol, haha. Who?


MK: Blegh, no. I got scared for a minute there.

NS: Haha, I know it is. Khair, keep pouring it out. Better out than in.

MK: No it isn't. I hardly travel home with her. And the purpose of the blog is not to target specific individuals, rather what they do. Btw JSJDKF is not the only nerd in our batch.

NS: True. But who can be fat? Lol, and paindu. According to you that is (notice the emphasis on my understanding of the definition)

MK: Haha, NS, that was an exaggeration, because I was stuffed in the car with four people. It might have been SJDL for all anyone knows. And there are lots more paindu girls as well.

NS: Good, what do you mean by paindu in that case (maybe she thought I meant her?)

MK: The way people talk, you know.

NS: In your area, there aren't too many. HHSK, ALD, WSKL to name a few.

MK: I didn't even say that I was passing through my area.

NS: Whateverrrr....let our imagination wander :D (notice the use of the smiley to show that she was ok with it. When she was apparently perturbed at the fact that I hadn't told her.)

MK: Haha, yeah.

For everyone who personally takes delight in the fact that I bash people they know here....please feel delighted in your own personal space. While I make no pretense of liking people I hate, I prefer bitching here. Not backbiting, which are two different things. Also, I make no claims that all stories are a hundred percent true. For all you know, I could've been in a truck, on my way to Bahamas, squashed amidst thirty people in the last blog post. So duh, I make up a lot of details. Don't pride yourself into thinking that you know everyone I talk about.

Because you so don't. Keep on guessing.


sadia said...


Palwasha N. Minhas said...



Alpha Za said...

misdirection...I foresee a fabulous double agent career in your future.

No Spy said...

How dareZ you!

dis is outrageaas!

I am so humiliated :(

oh wait, lady gaga! :D

Rashi said...

Hey I just dropped here by chance. And liked the good thrash in the post. The one its directed to should beware !!!

How you explain urself in 'About me' area seems to be going inline and on track. Good luck in the pursuit of self-actualization. Keep rocking.

Fareed said...

"Better out than in." Touche!

I certainly don't, but would like to 'know' this nosy spy.

MK said...

Fareed: Haha! Trust me, you don't want to know him/her :S

Rashi: Thank you so much! :D